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Blanche & Hierta, Thursday 29 Nov

The family behind Andrea Felici has its vineyards outside of the city of Aprio, in the heart of Verdicchion’s homeland. They own a total of 10 hectares, which are divided into two separate vineyards: San Francesco and Ca ‘di Chicco. The soil in both vineyards is relatively uniform and consists mostly of limestone and clay.

Verdicchio is the only grape grown and the family produces both DOC and DOCG labeled wines. Before opening his wine house, Andrea was a heavy traveller and accumulated many experiences, which led him to bring a new philosophy to wine making. He usually says that: “Prima di cominciare a vino, devi cercare di capire il tuo vino”, which means that before you start making wine you must try to understand your wine. This thought permeates everything that is done in the vineyard and is a natural part of the environment, where the area’s unique microclimate is reflected in every vintage.

Wine tasting flight, two glasses for 125 SEK

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