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Stockholm Under The Stars, Every Wednesday between 4 Jul - 29 Aug

Yoga mornings high above everything else with one of Stockholm’s leading yoga profiles, Angelica Rosenstam. Take the elevator, and pop over the bridge for a yoga hour with Stockholm’s inlet as backdrop and the rising summer sun warming your body and mind. The price is 245 SEK (or complimentary for hotel guests) and every session ends with some juice and fruit for a great start your day. There are showers and yoga mats available so just come by and wake up to life.


– We gather 15 minutes before the session starts in the lobby of At Six
– Dressing room, shower & yoga mats are available


Wednesday 13/6: Organic flow
Sunday 17/6: Strong flow
Wednesday 20/6: Yin Yoga
Sunday 24/6: Beginners yoga
Wednesday 27/6: Organic flow
Sunday 1/7: Organic flow
Wednesday 4/7: Beginners yoga
Sunday 8/7: Organic flow
Wednesday 11/7: Yin yoga
Sunday 15/7: Strong flow
Wednesday 18/7: Beginners yoga
Sunday 22/7: Strong flow
Wednesday 25/7: Yin yoga
Sunday 29/7: Organic flow
Wednesday 1/8: Organic flow
Sunday 5/8: Yin yoga
Wednesday 8/8: Organic flow
Sunday 12/8: Strong flow
Wednesday 15/8: Organic flow
Sunday 19/8: Organic flow
Wednesday 22/8: Yin yoga
Sunday 26/8: Organic flow
Wednesday 29/8: Beginners yoga
Sunday 2/9: Organic flow


For both you who are new to the yoga mat and for you who is an experienced yogi who wants to go back to the basics. We start by finding deeper and more conscious breathing and then merge it with movement. The focus is on finding simple techniques to develop in your body and mind.
Level: For all


Quiet body and mind in slow positions, performed in silence. Each position is held for 1-5 minutes. Focus on deep stretch and meditation.
Level: For all


Together with your breath we flow from one position to the other. A physical yoga session focusing on curious thinking and playful movements.
Level: Average / for those who want a challenge


A physically and strong session for you who want to deepen every position. Challenge your body in an active flow where we strive to get outside our comfort zone.
Level: Advanced

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