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Hannah Carter Owers & Richard McConkey, interior architects

Hannah Carter Owers & Richard McConkey
interior architects, Universal Design Studio

“We want the guests to experience a space that is dynamic and engaging – a place you want to see and be seen in.”

What kind of environment do you want to create?

We want to create a place where the quality and attention to detail is felt through every aspect of the design and service. This place will feel very contemporary in terms of design but we also want it to have a timeless quality. The building was initially designed as a hotel. In some ways we want it to feel like it has always been there.

What do you want the hotel guests to experience?

We want the guests to experience a space that is dynamic and engaging – a place you want to see and be seen in, but also luxuriously comfortable – the perfect place to hide away in. This place must be the best of the best.

How do you create an environment that is to show art and design in the best way?

It is important that the balance between the spaces in the hotel and the art is right – they complement rather than compete with each other. It is also about creating the right amount of space around the art so it can breathe. When it comes to the interiors, we are using only high-quality materials that codify a luxury experience, but with a twist – unexpected combinations of contemporary design and Swedish craft. In terms of design, we are considering the entire guest journey, trying to bring together the best of international and local to create a really special experience.

Sune Nordgren, Curator

Sune Nordgren

“Our mission is to redefine the concept of Hotel Art.”

Why an art hotel?

My guideline is the ambition of the owner, Petter Stordalen, to “re-define the concept of Hotel Art”. This is not just about challenging traditional standards; it is more about adding a truly apparent quality to the hotel.

What kind of environment do you want to create?

I want the art to be an autonomous part of the hotel interior and atmosphere. The guests will be impressed or just surprised with the choice of art works and it will make them remember the uniqueness of the hotel, and of course return. The art can be welcoming but also an eye-opener that adds to the experience in a most positive way.

How do one curate art for a hotel?

Important is to remember that a guest at a hotel is an unprepared visitor, not like a visitor to a museum or a public gallery, who decided to “go and see art”. The art I choose here has to stand out by itself, be thought-provoking, but not disturbing. Attractive and challenging, and preferably perfect for its place.