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Tuesday to Saturday

Always at 19.00.


The menu is seasonal and picked weekly by our chefs. In each venue you can expect to eat a signature dish that truly represents it. Please make a note of any dietary requirements when making the reservation.


To make a reservation please use the link below.

BrunkebergsTour Line


A culinary odyssey within the walls of one building.

Brunkebergstorg is a square packed with flavor, filled with restaurants and bars, each unique in regards to products and inspiration, all relentless in their pursuit of culinary excellence. So why settle for one concept when you can have them all?

Let us introduce you to BrunkebergsTour. A glimpse into the gastronomical realms of all our kitchens. Be led among stoves and through backdoors, indulge on signature dishes and trademark cocktails. From the seasonal products and craftsmanship of At Six, youthful dining celebrating local produce at Hobo, to TAK´s contemporary merge between Nordic and Japanese cuisine.

The BrunkebergsTour is bookable by a party size of maximum 4 people between Tuesday to Saturday.
The price is 1495 SEK per person which includes 5 unique courses perfectly paired with beverage. The experience starts always at 19.00 and lasts until around 22.30. To book the tour. get in touch with any of our restaurants.

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For questions you can either contact our team on +46 (0)8 57882860 or