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Comprehensive exercise assessment

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No level of fitness is too tough, no training you won’t try. Now add nutrition to your arsenal. Explore the mental path to peak performance. Get the facts and set your personal goals.

At Six offers its own training/health membership available not only to our own hotel guests but also to the public.

Membership cost 2500:- / month (binding time 6 months)

For membership, enquiries email us: [javascript protected email address]



Alexander is a personal trainer and responsible for our fitness and wellness at the hotel. He has been working in health for 15 years and is also a professional dancer and musical artist. His whole life revolves around physical activity, from boxing, soccer, weight training to cardio and Tough Viking.

Massage Treatments






Photo credit: Luca Mara & Fredrik Ericsson.


The details

Personal training

Three personal training sessions with our own in-house personal trainer, Alexander Larsson (this is only valid as an introductory offer and can be used as you like)


Four complimentary breakfast's every month.


Save 15% when enjoying lunch.


Complimentary towels, workout wear, hair products, Nocco energy drinks.


The possibility of storage, own locker.

Group workout

In summer, classes and yoga are also offered on our rooftop.


Free access to our sauna.