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Ciara Zelmerlöw to Exhibit Diverse Art Collection in our Cocktail Bar

Acclaimed artist Ciara Zelmerlöw is bringing her vibrant creativity to Hotel At Six in Stockholm with a new exhibition. From March 20th until August 11. Art enthusiasts can enjoy a showcase featuring 15 pieces that highlight Zelmerlöw’s passion for celebrating the female form and her exploration into abstract art. Zelmerlöw’s exhibition promises a mix of powerful representations of the female body, and intriguing abstract pieces that will engage viewers in a range of emotions and interpretations. The artist’s signa-ture style, characterized by bold brushwork and colour, invites visitors to connect with her art in a meaningful and personal way.

This exhibition at Hotel At Six offers a unique opportunity to expe-rience the evolution of Ciara Zelmerlöw’s artistry and delve into the depths of her creative expression. It is a must-see event for anyone looking to be inspired and moved by the beauty and complexity of contemporary painting. Art enthusiasts, collectors, and curious visitors are encouraged to visit Hotel At Six in Stockholm to explore Ciaras captivating

Ciara Zelmerlöw

Ciara Zelmerlöw has garnered acclaim as an English actress and pro-lific voice over artist, but her artistic talents extend beyond the realm of acting. Her vibrant and dynamic creations reflect a unique blend of modernity and emotional depth. Her bold use of colour, intricate compositions, and innovative techniques invite viewers to explore the complexities of the contemporary world through her art. Ciara’s work embodies a fusion of youthful energy and sophisticated sensibility, evoking thought and emotion in equal measure.

*Strength, Heart, Empowerment