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Monday to Tuesday 12.00 - 24.00
Wednesday to Friday 12.00 - 01.00
Saturday 13.00 - 01.00
Sunday 13.00 - 23:00

Saturdays 13.00 - 15.00 Line

Cocktail Bar

A casual world filled with character, elegance, and allure. Our Cocktail Bar is where we infuse timeless classics with edginess. And create piquant and luxurious taste experiences evoking new desires. A new kind of intimate exclusive.

We blend, stir and mix cocktails for you. The ones you know and those you’ve never tried before. Signature cocktails aimed to surprise and leave you wanting more, night after night. And while with friends, come together around one of our unique Punch Bowls At Six. We promise you’re in for a treat.

With intriguing flavors and a multidimensional music concept, we want to create the perfect atmosphere for a cocktail bar. Artistic, casual and elegant.

Hotel At Six's Tipsy Tea - XOXO Tokyo

don’t tell anyone, but there is gin in my teapot

Welcome to an afternoon tea with a twist. An adventure in Wonderland, but this time only for adults. Drink and enjoy tea-infused gin cocktails, served in a teapot. Warm or chilled with ice, you decide. All this, alongside an edgy and delicious selection of both savory and sweet bites to share.

Teapot and bites for 395 SEK per person. Come along, we’re open every Saturday from 13.00. It will be fun.

We welcome online reservations for Tipsy Tea, please specify if you’ve any dietary requeriements at the time of booking. For all other enquiries, please contact us on +46 (0)8 57882860 (please make your reservations online as availability is limited)

Cocktail Menu

Tipsy Tea Menu