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Dinner Time Stories

We proudly present: the fourth stop of Le Petit Chef's world tour. Dinner Time Stories feature the world's smallest chef (he's only 58 mm tall) in a collaboration with At Six Executive Chef Andreas Askling and his team. Enjoy an interactive food experience in six courses in the footstep of Marco Polo. A once in a lifetime pop-up experience in Stockholm during selected dates of the spring of 2018.

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Dining Room

A Stockholm restaurant featuring international classics with unexpected contemporary twists. Every detail prepared, cooked and cared for with craftsmanship and devotion. A high focus on seasonal and local ingredients brings out the best of every plate every time.

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Blanche & Hierta

A wine bar, a coffee house, and a deli. At Blanche & Hierta you'll find a little bit of all from around the world. This is the place where fermented grapes and roasted coffee beans come together in harmony.

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A social living room with a focus on sound and music quality rather than volume. Here we promise you musical memories and an enrichment of your musical library.

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Cocktail Bar

It's time to explore the extraordinary. We welcome you to a not so well kept secret but rather a vibrant work hard, play hard venue that invites you back, night after night. Our Cocktail Bar is where we infuse timeless classics with edginess. Signature cocktails breaking new ground and while with friends come together around one of our unique Punch Bowls.

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